Copernicus Online Data Access

The Sentinel-3 Marine Products are available through the Copernicus Online Data Access (CODA) service.

The CODA is an online rolling archive with http access and 14 days of data online. It provides access to Sentinel-3 Level 1 and Level 2 global data in near real-time (NRT), short time critical (STC) & non time critical (NTC) latency mode.

Access CODA: (please use Chrome or Firefox).

Register for CODA

  1. Click on 'Sign Up' to go to the Earth Observation Portal (EOP)
  2. Existing EOP account holders: request access to CODA — you will receive an email with your CODA account credentials (within next working day)
  3. New users: Create an EOP account, then follow step 2.

How to visualise Sentinel-3 data

To open and display data use the Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP),

Information on SNAP can be found in the Sentinel-3 toolbox and SNAP online tutorials.

Watch this video demonstration from our Training Manager Mark Higgins.