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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I register?

New users must now register via the Earth Observation Portal (EOP). If you need support registering, send your query to our User Service Helpdesk.

What do I do when I log in?

How do I create an order?

When I try to make an order, I receive a "Your Privileges don't allow..." message

Where do I get information about my privileges and changing them?

My order has gone into error, why?

Why is my order cancelled?

My order hasn't arrived, what do I do now?

My online order was delivered but I did not get all the products I ordered. What happened?

How long do I have to download my data? I cannot download it anymore.

My delivered GEO Meteosat-8 Rapid Scanning data is smaller in MB size than I had expected

How can I order GERB products?

With respect to Low Earth orbit satellites, why does searching a time range return results outside the time defined?

Why aren't there any datasets for the satellite I have selected?

How do I order IDS formatted products?

I cannot order IASI SND 02 in BUFR format.

How can I extract the PNGs from the VOLP product?

How can I extract the netCDFs from the VOLE product?

I cannot order GOME-2 GDS Level 1B in EPS HDF5 format


I cannot region sub-set ASCAT products

How can I view the PDF documents?

Are there any other data formats planned?

Where can I send suggestions or comments about the application?