Metop Services

The data services from the Metop polar orbiting satellites, include instrument direct readout and generated products derived from the global data dumps and regional direct readout acquisition.

The range of data and products are invaluable for operational meteorology and climate monitoring.

  • Temperature and moisture sounding for Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP).
  • All weather capability.
  • Troposphere, stratosphere, and troposphere/stratosphere interactions.
  • Imagery of clouds and land/ocean surfaces.
  • Air-sea interactions.

Global Data Service

The Global Data Service provides near real-time products to the user community generated from instrument data.

Instrument data recorded during the last orbit of Metop are dumped to the Central Data Acquisition Station (CDA) located in Svalbard and the Antarctic Data Acquisition service (ADA) at McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

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Regional Data Service

The Regional Data Service is provided by the EUMETSAT Advanced Retransmission Service (EARS), a network of Advanced High Resolution Picture Transmission (AHRPT) reception stations.


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Direct Readout

The Metop Direct Readout Service provides local user stations with real-time transmission of data, limited to the instantaneous sub-satellite observation. Readout of all instrument data can be achieved via Advanced High Resolution Picture Transmission (AHRPT).

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Service Registration

Access to the data and products typically involves an initial registration process. For further information, please visit our Data Registration page, or register on the Earth Observation Portal (EOP).