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Ongoing research, study, and discovery

To keep pace with the scientific and technical discoveries that drive weather and climate studies, EUMETSAT hosts scientists from around the world for intensive, short-term collaborations.  EUMETSAT also commissions targeted studies from universities and weather institutes to test or validate ongoing product development. 

In this section, you can find Power Point presentations from visiting scientists as well as research papers presented to EUMETSAT in response to commissioned scientific inquiries. A third category includes internal EUMETSAT research papers not related to specific operational programs.

Also note that presentations from Visiting Scientists can be found on our dedicated Visiting Scientists page.

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Scientific Documents

Reports from Visiting Scientists

Title Author’s name/affiliation Year of presentation
Polarized Remote Sensing: POLDER and Parasol (PDF, 3 MB) Dr Franco Fois, Airbus Defence and Space 2015
Application of a CubeSat-Based Passive Microwave Constellation to Operational Meteorology (PDF, 10 MB) Professor Albin J. Gasiewski, NOAA-CU Center for Environmental Technology (CET), University of Colorado 2015
Remote Sensing of Aerosol and Cloud Properties, and Precipitation: Challenges & Solutions (PDF, 35 MB) Professor Zhanqing Li, University of Maryland 2015
Impact of Aerosol on Earth’s Climate from Observation & Modeling (PDF, 44 MB) Professor Zhanqing Li, University of Maryland 2015
NOAA SST Quality Monitor (SQUAM) System (PDF, 7 MB) Prasanjit Dash, NOAA NESDIS 2015
Observing Arctic Climate Change from Space (ZIP, 49 MB) Jeff Key, SSEC, University of Wisconsin-Madison 2015
Polarized Remote Sensing: POLDER and Parasol (ZIP, 12 MB) Professor Lin Chen, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) 2015
Satellite Observation for Model Validation Drought Monitoring (PDF, 4 MB) Jason Otkin, UWisconsin 2014
Enhanced Resolution Processing and Apps (PDF, 29 MB) Richard Lindsley, BYU MERS Lab 2014
The GRASP Algorithm (PDF, 10 MB) Oleg Dubovik, PHD 2014
Operational App of Satellite Altimetry at NOAA (PDF, 5 MB) John Lillibridge, NOAA 2014
Polarimetric Remote Sensing: Instruments and Algorithms (PDF, 34 MB) Brian Cairns, NASA GISS 2014
Polarized Remote Sensing: POLDER and Parasol (PDF, 11 MB) F-M Breon, IPSL France 2014

Commissioned Studies

Internal Reports

Research Fellowships


Title Author’s name/affiliation
An Evaluation of FY-3C MWHS-2 and its potential to improve forecast accuracy at ECMWF (PDF, 1 MB) Heather Lawrence, ECMWF
Preliminary study for the use of soil moisture information for Nowcasting Short Range (PDF, 7 MB) Valerio Cardinali, COMET
Validation of IASI Level 2 products (PDF, 4 MB) Eliezer Spulveda
The use of ASCAT winds in NWP model systems at MET Norway (PDF, 13 MB) Teresa Valkonen, Norwegian Meteorological Institute
Impact of PCA on the assimilation of hyperspectral infrared sounder data in the frame of the AROME esoscale convection-permitted NWP model (PDF, 5 MB) Javier Andrey-Andres, CNRM, Météo-France and CNRS
Geo satellite assimilation and dust detection with IR measurements in the weather forecast (PDF, 4 MB) Julie Letertre-Danczak, ECMWF
Development of a dynamic infrared land surface emissivity atlas based on IASI retrievals (PDF, 3 MB) Rory Gray, Met Office
Assessment of new AMV data in the ECMWF system (PDF, 7 MB) Katie Lean, Niels Bormann and Kirsti Salonen, ECMWF


Title Author’s name/affiliation
Observation Errors for AMSU-A and a first look at the FY-3C MWHS-2 instrument (PDF, 8 MB) Heather Lawrence, ECMWF
Investigation of humidity variances and correlations towards the assimilation of WV radiances from MSG-SEVIRI and MTG-IRS into the DWD LETK (PDF, 6 MB) Dora Foehring, DWD
Improved use of microwave imager data in all-sky data assimilation at ECMWF (PDF, 11 MB) Katrin Lonitz and Alan Geer, ECMWF
Status on the use of scatterometer winds in the HARMONIE model system at MET Norway (PDF, 6 MB) Teresa Valkonen, Norwegian Meteorological Institute
Preliminary results of the use of hyperspectral radiances using a principal component analysis in a convection permitting model (PDF, 1 MB) Javier Andrey-Andres, CNRM, Météo-France and CNRS
Geo-satellite monitoring and Dust detection with IASI measurements in the weather forecast (PDF, 4 MB) Julie Letertre-Danczak, ECMWF
AMVs in the ECMWF system_ highlights of the operational and research activities (PDF, 3 MB) Kirsti Salonen and Niels Bormann, ECMWF


Title Author’s name/affiliation
AMVs in the ECMWF system - Overview of the recent operational and research activities (PDF, 4 MB) Kirsti Salonen and Niels Bormann, ECMWF
An Observing System Simulation Experiment to evaluate the future benefits of MTG-IRS data in a fine-scale weather forecast model (PDF, 2 MB) Stephanie Guedj, Météo-France, CNRS
CREW_ Update of the evaluation of SEVIRI cloud parameter retrievals (ZIP, 53 MB) Ulrich Hamann, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute
Derivation of AMVs from single-level retrieved MTG-IRS moisture fields (PDF, 9 MB) Laura Stewart, Met Office
Scatterometer winds in rapidly developing storms (SCARASTO) – First experiments on data assimilation of scatterometer winds (PDF, 11 MB) Teresa Valkonen, Norwegian Meteorological Institute
Understanding AMV errors using a simulation framework (PDF, 960 KB) Peter Lean, University of Reading
VALIASI - Validation of IASI trace gas retrievals by GB - FTIR measurements (PDF, 9 MB) Sven Kühl, AEMET
Developments in the use of AMSU-A, ATMS and HIRS data at ECMWF (ZIP, 4 MB) Heather Lawrence, ECMWF


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