Jason-3 teamwork recognised with NASA award

NASA has recognised the teamwork behind the Jason-3 mission as an “exemplary model for multiple partners working together” with a Programme and Project Management Excellence Award.

Thursday, 13 April 2017


The 2017 Honourees were announced this week.

Jason-3 was launched in January 2016 to continue the series of space-based altimetry missions which started with Topex-Poseidon and continued with Jason-1 and -2, providing critical information about sea level changes, and the implications for the weather and climate, through ocean surface topography measures.

It is a multi-partner project involving EUMETSAT, NASA/JPL, CNES and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). In addition, the EU funds the European operations of the satellite through its Copernicus Earth observation environmental programme.

The NASA award recognises the multi-partner aspect of the project, EUMETSAT Jason CS and former Jason-3 Programme Manager Francois Parisot said.


NASA has recognised the teamwork behind the Jason-3 mission with a Programme and Project Management Excellence Award

“Through very close and transparent joint management of unexpected delays after the launch campaign had started, we were able to keep the programme within the financial envelope,” Parisot said.

“We were able to assess the best way forward on the US side and our side through this effective project management.

“We welcome this award to the NASA project team and see it as a fitting recognition of the close cooperation between the partners.”

The NASA Office of the Chief Engineer, in announcing the award, said: “Through a proactive risk reduction and management approach the team was able to overcome unforeseen launch delays and budget constraints. The proactive approach of the Jason-3 team is an exemplary model for multiple partners working together as an efficient unified project focused on common goals to deliver a successful mission.”

EUMETSAT, CNES and NOAA process data from Jason-3.