Updates to Global Sea Ice products from OSI SAF

The Global Sea Ice Edge and Global Sea Ice Type products will be updated on 30 May.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Global Sea Ice Type (GRIB) - Multimission

The updated products are labelled OSI-402-c for the Global Sea Ice Edge (netCDF) - Multimission and Global Sea Ice Edge (GRIB) - Multimission and OSI-403-c for the Global Sea Ice Type (netCDF) - Multimission and Global Sea Ice Type (GRIB) - Multimission.

The update consists of the use of JAXA AMSR-2 data in the multi-sensor analysis.

The current operational products (OSI-402-b and OSI-403-b respectively) are disseminated in GRIB format. The updated products will be available in both netCDF3 and GRIB format for a period of time, until the GRIB format dissemination is stopped.

The products are distributed on EUMETCast on the 'SAF-Global' channel:

PID: 300 (for Europe and Africa)
Multicast Address:

Filename examples:

Global Sea Ice Edge
S-OSI_-NOR_-MULT-GL_NH_EDGEn_-201704251200Z.nc.gz (for the Northern Hemisphere)
S-OSI_-NOR_-MULT-GL_SH_EDGEn_-201704251200Z.nc.gz (for the Southern Hemisphere)

Global Sea Ice Type
S-OSI_-NOR_-MULT-GL_NH_TYPEn_-201704251200Z.nc.gz (for the Northern Hemisphere)
S-OSI_-NOR_-MULT-GL_SH_TYPEn_-201704251200Z.nc.gz (for the Southern Hemisphere)

On 30 May 2017, the updated products will replace the current operational products.

Users already subscribed to OSI SAF products will receive the updated products automatically. Other users should register via our Earth Observation Portal (EOP).

For more information, contact our User Service Helpdesk.