Technical Bulletins

Data Centre Update March 2017

Removal of the Data Centre Java Ordering Application

The new web-based Data Centre Ordering Client has now been in operation since December 2015. It was developed based on users' feedback regarding usability improvements received for the old Java Ordering Application. Additionally, the new client supports the ordering of Copernicus (Sentinel-3, Jason-3) products.

Since December several further enhancements have been made to the client. Based on user feedback received, the client offers all the functionality needed to support the ordering of products stored in the Data Centre Archive.

The old Java Ordering Application, which is currently still accessible is no longer maintained. Therefore, it will be removed from operations at the end of Q2 2017.

If you have further questions regarding the removal of the Data Centre Java Ordering Application, contact our User Service Helpdesk.

Correction to the IASI 1C NetCDF GSICS Exchange Format

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Users of the Data Centre Archive products are encouraged to provide us with feedback regarding their usage. 

Recently, a user of the IASI 1C NetCDF GSICS exchange format provided a correction to the wave number definition of the IASI spectral channels. The wave number now covers 64500.0 to 276000.0 m^-1 (previously 64525.0 to 276025.0 m^-1). This correction has a small impact when combined with the spectral response of narrow sounding channels.

Existing users of this product format are now asked to use the new version of this product format, identified by the global attribute format_version: 1.1.

Please note, this product format is primarily used by GSICS product developers. For all GSICS related news, users can Sign Up for the GSICS Newsletter & Messaging Service.

Last Updated:  Friday, 17 March 2017