Technical Bulletins

Workshop on the Use of Gridded Satellite Data for Climate Services

23 October to 3 November 2017 Online. 20 to 24 November 2017 Pretoria, South Africa.

What's the workshop about?

The key objective of this Workshop is to instruct active and future users from Regional Climate Centres (RCCs), Regional Training Centres (RTCs), and National Meteorological Services in Africa in the use of CM SAF products for operational climate monitoring and climate research.

The aims of the workshop are teach participants how to access and handle CM SAF data using free software tools (such as R, see and explore the opportunities to use CM SAF and other satellite data to provide and improve their institute’s services.

What's the workshop format?

Participants will complete an online element from 23 October to 3 November to prepare the classroom phase, which will be held hosted by the South African Weather Service (SAWS) in Pretoria, South Africa.

   The headquarters of the South African Weather Service    (SAWS) in Pretoria

The workshop will focus on project work with supporting presentations and group work on the application of satellite data to climate monitoring.

Who can apply?

Science and technical staff from RCCs, RTCs, and NMHSs in Africa applying climate data. A profound knowledge of the English language is mandatory for participation. Basic programming/scripting capabilities are of major advantage.

How to apply: Via EUMETSAT Training Zone, Click on 'Apply for Courses'.

Registration deadline: 18 August 2017

Last Updated:  Wednesday, 21 June 2017