ASCAT shows Tehuano wind event

ASCAT shows Tehuano wind event

08 April 2014 16:13 UTC

ASCAT shows Tehuano wind event
ASCAT shows Tehuano wind event

Data from the ASCAT scatterometer on Metop-A data shows a Tehuano wind, an extremely strong mountain-gap wind, fanning out on 8 April.

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04, December 2020

Tehuano wind is the name given to a extremely strong type of wind which blows through the gap between the Mexican and Guatemalan mountains, known as the Chivela Pass. This wind can reach gale, storm, and hurricane force. Tehuano events are associated with winter surges of cold air that spread southward from the United States across the Gulf of Mexico behind strong weather fronts.

The image of the ASCAT surface scatterometer winds overlaid on the Natural Colour RGB (8 April, 16:13 UTC) shows the fanning out of the Tehuano flow over the Gulf of Tehuantepec. The wind speeds are shown by the size and colour of the arrows, the larger the arrow, the greater the wind speed, especially on the southern side of the coast.


ASCAT shows Tehuano wind event
Figure 1: ASCAT scatterometer data of Tehauno wind, 8 April

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