DCP messages

Change to DCP messages disseminated on EUMETCast

DCP messages
DCP messages

DCP messages disseminated on EUMETCast will undergo changes in November 2021.

Last Updated

29 April 2021

Published on

28 April 2021

Currently, the DCP messages are wrapped into LRIT files for dissemination on EUMETCast. It is planned to move away from these legacy file formats and the reliance on MSG facilities, in preparation for MTG.

The change will consist of the following:

The DCP messages disseminated via EUMETCast will no longer be wrapped and, instead, will be disseminated as individual files. This will also involve a filename change and a change of EUMETCast channels.

The change is planned to take place on 9 November 2021. The new DCP files will be disseminated in parallel to the old ones for one month. From 9 December 2021, the old files will no longer be available.

Change to DCP filename/content

Current LRIT filename/content

Example filename:


The current LRIT file contains a set of DCP messages.

New filename/content

A WMO-type filename will be used, as follows:

W_XX-EUMETSAT-Darmstadt,SURF+OCEAN,DCP+REP+<service>+<dcp-id>_C_EUMG_<reception time>.bin

service = 0DEG, IODC
dcp-id = DCP Address
Reception time = the actual reception time, format ‘YYYYMMDDHHMMSS’

Example filename


Content of each DCP file: DCP Quality Record + DCP Record.

A sample of the new DCP message file is provided on our SFTP server:


Change of EUMETCast channels

  New channel Details
EUMETCast Europe E1B-DCP-1 (effective from 09/11/2021) Multicast address:
PID: 301
EUMETCast Africa A1C-DCP-2 (will be used during the parallel dissemination phase, from 09/11/2021 to 09/12/2021)
A1C-DCP-1 (effective from 09/12/2021)
Multicast address:
PID: 100
EUMETCast Terrestrial T01-DCP-1 (effective from 09/11/2021) Multicast address:


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