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Change to Meteosat AMV BUFR products


Meteosat A Spot
Meteosat A Spot

The product times of the Meteosat Atmospheric Motion Vector (AMV) BUFR products changed in November 2020.

Last Updated

11 October 2021

Published on

27 November 2020

Following a recent update of the Meteosat Meteorological product processing software, the product times of the Meteosat AMV BUFR products, as reported in the product header, have changed to better reflect the true observation times.

For Meteosat-11 and Meteosat-8 AMV products, they changed from hh:45 to hh:30, where ‘hh’ represents any hour of the day.

For Meteosat-10 (RSS), they changed as follows:

  • hh:15 to hh:10
  • hh:35 to hh:30
  • hh:55 to hh:50

These changes started on the following days:

Meteosat-8 AMVs: 18 November 2020, 12:00 UTC

Meteosat-10 AMVs: 18 November 2020, 12:00 UTC

Meteosat-11 AMVs: 23 November 2020, 11:00 UTC

The observation times of the individual AMVs in the BUFR products did not change.

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