User working on a laptop. Credit: Alex

Changes to pilot data services


User working on a laptop. Credit: Alex
User working on a laptop. Credit: Alex

On 8 September 2021, we are implementing some new features and making some changes to the pilot EUMETView ( and Data Store and Data Tailor web services (

Last Updated

14 July 2022

Published on

02 September 2021

Please note that during the implementation of these changes there will be a temporary downtime of the services between 08:00–12:00 UTC.

Users of the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) of these services should note the changes below.

API token

From 8 September consumer keys and consumer secrets will be updated. Therefore, users will have to re-authenticate their API token.

Data Store API authentication
EUMETVIew API authentication

Changes to the Data Store download API end-point

The construction of the URL to download from the Data Store has changed.

Under the pilot, the URL construction was: API_ENDPOINT/data/download/products/PRODUCT


  • API_ENDPOINT is typically
  • PRODUCT is, for example, MSG4-SEVI-MSG15-0100-NA-20200601224243.656000000Z-NA

Under the pre-operational (and operational) services, this construction has changed to: API_ENDPOINT/data/download/collections/COLLECTION_ID/products/PRODUCT


Changes to the web catalogue service

The web catalogue service (CSW) API endpoint (which supports catalogue harvesting) will also change, moving:

New features

We are also introducing some new features to these services.

New in the Data Store

The following Data Store collections have been extended to include data from the beginning of the mission:

  • All MSG High Rate SEVIRI Level 1.5 Image Data: 0 degree; Indian Ocean coverage and rapid scan data
  • IASI Combined Sounding products
  • IASI GDS Level 1C
  • AVHRR GDS Level 1B - Metop
New visualisations on EUMETView
MSG Global Instability Indices K and Lifted
Figure 1: Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) Global Instability Indices K and Lifted
S3B orbital ground track
Figure 2: Sentinel-3B orbital ground track
  • Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) Global Instability Indices K and Lifted
  • A set of GEO Ring visualisation based upon MSG, GOES-E/W and Himarwari-8 data — IR 10.8 and RGBs for Airmass, Ash, Convection, Dust, Fog/Low Cloud and Natural Colour
  • Orbital ground tracks for SLSTR instrument (Sentinel-3A and -3B) and for AVHRR instrument (Metop-A, -B and -C)

User notification service (UNS)

From 8 September, we will start to use our User Notification Service to keep users informed of any service outages, planned maintenance activities and future enhancements. User are able to subscribe to email alerts for EUMETView, the Data Store and Data Tailor web service via their EO Portal account.

For more information, contact our User Service Helpdesk.