MSG Satellite in orbit

Changes to the GRIB format of some Meteosat Meteorological Products

MSG Satellite in orbit
MSG Satellite in orbit

The GRIB format of three Meteosat Meteorological Products will be updated on 29 July.

Last Updated

21, September 2020

The GRIB products concerned are: Optimal Cloud Analysis (OCA), Multi-Sensor Precipitation Estimate (MPE) and Upper-level Divergence (DIV).

The changes, detailed below, consist of corrections to anomalies and updates of deprecated numbers.


  • The GRIB master tables version number changes from 4 to 22.
  • The product definition template number changes from 30 to 31. Both numbers represent ‘satellite products’, but the first number (30) is deprecated.


  • The GRIB master tables version number changes from 3 to 21.
  • The latitude and longitude of the first and last grid points were incorrect. This has been fixed.

Note: The MPE product is no longer available for the prime Meteosat 0° mission.


The encoded product contains three parameters: divergence, quality and wind speed.

The parameter identifiers for the latter two were incorrect and will change as follows:

  • Quality: from 14 to 201.
  • Wind speed: from 15 to 19.

Note: The DIV product will be discontinued as of 7 October 2020.

Sample files of the updated GRIB products are available on our FTP server:

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