Data Services

Coding for EO (Python & R)

Online: 8 December 2021, 12:00 UTC.

Data Services
Data Services

Webinar with Steffen Kothe (DWD), Danny Parsons. Co-instructors: Hayley Evers-King (EUMETSAT), Oliver Clements (PML).

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29 September 2021

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17 September 2021

This course aims to demystifying Earth Observation satellite data use through code. The course will focus on the flow that is used, regardless of programming language, to produce statistics or imagery from raw data files. We will also highlight resources that are available in multiple programming languages to further your exploration of coding for EO. In the short course we will use Python and R. However, the principles can be applied to many other programming languages.

How to participate

Register to join, at least 10 minutes before the session starts at 12:00 UTC.

During the webinar, we will be using Slido to answer your questions. Go to the event on (no log in required).

Note: The webinar will be recorded. After the session, the recording will be made available from the course page.

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