ASCAT NETCDF example (lrg)

NetCDF format for Data Centre products


ASCAT NETCDF example (lrg)
ASCAT NETCDF example (lrg)

The EUMETSAT Data Centre offers the network Common Data Form (netCDF) formats as a common delivery format for the most datasets ordered from the archive.

Last Updated

31 May 2022

Published on

06 May 2020

The netCDF format was chosen because it is platform- and machine-independent, and it supports the creation, access, and sharing of array-oriented scientific data. There are many free tools which work with the format, hence both novice and experienced users of the format can immediately work with the data.

NetCDF is maintained by Unidata. For more information on its technical aspects, for example the connection between netCDF and HDF, please refer to Unidata netCDF FAQ.

Features implemented in the netCDF datasets

  • WMO File Naming Conventions are used to identify these netCDF datasets.
  • The developed netCDF datasets use netCDF version 4 in the Classic Data Model.
  • Climate and Forecast Conventions (CF) are applied where possible. Non-CF standard names and units are specified and reused in similar products.

What products are available from the data centre in netCDF?

All EPS level 1 and level 2 products, apart from the GOME and the GRAS instruments, are available for ordering from the Data Centre via our Earth Observation Portal. The netCDF format is also available for the following Meteosat products:

Examples of these products

NetCDF mapping to Native Format

Users of the netCDF formats are invited to provide feedback to our User Service Helpdesk on format-related issues.