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Data Centre Newsletter November 2014

EUMETSAT Data Centre
EUMETSAT Data Centre

Information on a system upgrade of data centre archive software.

Last Updated

07 December 2020

Published on

07 November 2014

Please be informed that on 11 November 2014, there will be a new release of the Data Centre installed, including a major upgrade of the backend system. This installation requires a downtime of the online data ordering application and order processing for the period from 11 November, 09.00 UTC to 13 November, 16.00 UTC.

The main system changes will be transparent to the user. These include:

  • An upgrade of the Data Centre Database in preparation for the future Sentinel-3 mission.
  • A move to Oracle Locator – replacing the current swath based search and Area of Interest selection for EPS products

The new release also includes the availability of netCDF as a new delivery format for the MSG SEVIRI Level 1.5 image data and MFG HRI Level 1.5 image data.

The new Data Centre Ordering Client does not form part of this release. It will be made available with the next release expected in Q1 2015.

For further information, please contact our User Service Helpdesk.