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Data Tailor A Spot
Data Tailor A Spot

The EUMETSAT Data Tailor makes it possible for users to subset and aggregate our data products in space and time, filter layers, generate quicklooks, project onto new coordinate reference systems, and reformat into common GIS formats (netCDF, GeoTIFF, etc.). It offers a uniform way to transform both historical and near real-time satellite data provided by EUMETSAT.

Last Updated

28 March 2023

Published on

06 May 2020

What information do I need to be aware of before I start?

The Data Tailor software is a data customisation toolbox. It is available in two configurations, a standalone version for local installation and a web service for interfacing with the EUMETSAT Data Store.

  • The standalone Data Tailor offers a web user interface (WebUI), command line interface, and a python application programming interface (API), allowing users to incorporate its capability into their own processing systems.
  • The Data Tailor web service offers a WebUI interface and a REST API, which is linked to the available data in the data store. It allows users to customise data store data before downloading.

A comprehensive user guide is provided in the Data Tailor knowledge base.

In this video EUMETSAT expert Daniel Lee, explains how to use the Data Tailor.

Data Tailor standalone software

The Data Tailor software package contains the data tailor software, user documentation, datasets and exercise samples.

The Data Tailor has been tested using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, CentOS and Windows 10. It contains support for several, but not all, EUMETSAT data products. Support for further products shall be added in subsequent releases.

A set of data has been provided as part of the software package, to allow users to experiment with the possible transformations. The Data Tailor can be used with EUMETSAT satellite data ordered through the data centre and those data disseminated through EUMETCast.

The Data Tailor software package can be downloaded from the EUMETSAT GitLab. Additional datasets for exploring the Data Tailor are also located there.

What if my favourite product isn't supported

As stated above, we intend to add support for further EUMETSAT data products with each release. If you’re especially interested in a specific product, please let us know by providing feedback as described below.

If your product won't be available in a time frame that is acceptable to you, or if you would like to use the Data Tailor for products that aren’t from EUMETSAT, that’s fine too — the Data Tailor is implemented using a plug-in architecture, and it’s possible to create your own plug-ins and add them to an existing Data Tailor installation. Technical documentation on how to do this is provided in the repository's 'project-docs' folder or contact our User Service Helpdesk for more information.

Providing your feedback

As a user of the Data Tailor we welcome your feedback. If you would like to provide feedback please contact our User Service Helpdesk. When providing feedback please indicate the OS you use.

To help users use the service, we have a created a knowledge base.