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EUMETSAT Data Tailor v2.15 now available


Data Tailor A Spot
Data Tailor A Spot

Data Tailor v2.15 was made available to users from 25 January 2022.

Last Updated

05 January 2023

Published on

25 January 2022

This new release of the Data Tailor has the following changes:

New functionalities

  • Experimental support added for ASCAT Level 1 SZF, SZO, SZR Climate Data Record Release 2 - Metop products.
  • Support for MSG Cloud Top Height (EO:EUM:DAT:MSG:CTH) product added.
  • Specified limitations in support of GRAS level 1b, Meteosat First Generation Level 1 data.


  • Improved GUI representation of long lists of items.

Feature/Bug fixes

  • WebUI of desktop installation for Windows OS is now working correctly.
  • Data Tailor installation on Windows OS is now working properly.
  • Quicklook option now does not make the HRV processing fail.
  • Fixed the download of job outputs composed of a big number of files.
  • Customisations producing fixed output filenames return now consistent results.
  • Ensure requests in queue do not stay on inactive status.
  • GDAL commands are now correctly displayed in the customisation log-file.
  • Correct geolocalisation of Meteosat-9 RSS data when native format is geographically re-projected to NetCDF output.

Full information on this release can be found on the knowledge base.

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