EARS-MERSI & EARS-MWRI Geographical Coverage map



Providing an all-weather measurement capability

EARS-MERSI & EARS-MWRI Geographical Coverage map
EARS-MERSI & EARS-MWRI Geographical Coverage map

EARS-MWRI complements the Metop and the US POES and SNPP/JPSS satellites currently covered by EARS.

Last Updated

31 May 2022

Published on

22 March 2021

The EARS-MWRI service collects data from the Micro-Wave Radiation Imager (MWRI) instrument, on board the FY-3D spacecraft, operated by CMA.

MWRI is a conical scanning microwave imager at five frequency points with dual polarizations (10 channels); see instrument characteristics in the table below. The sensor measures thermal microwave emission of land and ocean surfaces, and measures various forms of water in the atmosphere, clouds, and surfaces.

The MWRI imager can penetrate clouds, providing an all-weather measurement capability. The spatial resolutions are from 12 to 80km, depending on the wavelengths. At higher-frequency channels, such as 89GHz, the scattering signature from the cloud and precipitation are also good indicators for detecting rainfall over land and ocean.

Central frequency (GHz) Bandwidth (MHz) Polarisations NEΔT IFOV
10.65 180 V, H 0.5 K 51 x 85km
18.7 200 V, H 0.5 K 30 x 50km
23.8 400 V, H 0.5 K 27 x45km
36.5 400 V, H 0.5 K 18 x30km
89 3000 V, H 0.8 K 9 x15km

EARS-MWRI service specification

Satellites supported

FY-3D, as shown on the tables on the Regional Data Service/EARS webpage.

Product processing

FY3_IPP as provided by CMA and AAPP as provided by NWP SAF, configured and run by EUMETSAT.

Product segmentation

Segments each containing one minute of observations. Duplicate segments removed before dissemination.

Products via EUMETCast Europe

MWRI, all 10 channels, calibrated and geolocated.

Native HDF5 and BUFR format.

Timeliness via EUMETCast

30 minutes.

Products via RMDCN/GTS


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Further information

For more information on EARS-MWRI see TD 14 - EUMETSAT Advanced Retransmission Service Technical Description

Full details on products can be found in the Product Navigator: MWRI - Feng-Yun - 3 - Regional Data Service