EARS-NWC Geographical Coverage Map



Providing near-real time availability of high resolution cloud products

EARS-NWC Geographical Coverage Map
EARS-NWC Geographical Coverage Map

The EARS-NWC derives cloud products from the AVHRR instrument data, collected from the Primary Morning Orbit and Primary Afternoon Orbit satellites via a network of AHRPT/HRPT stations, and re-transmits them via EUMETCast.

Last Updated

29 June 2022

Published on

28 April 2020

For the nowcasting and very short range weather forecasting, the near-real time availability of high resolution cloud products is essential.

The three cloud products of the EARS-NWC service complement the cloud products from geostationary-satellites like MSG, especially for the high-latitudes where the coverage from the geostationary orbit is limited. The distributed products are:

  • Cloud Mask (CM)
  • Cloud Type (CT)
  • Cloud Top Temperature and Height (CTTH)

EARS-NWC service specification

Satellites supported

Metop-B, Metop-C and N19 as shown on the tables on the Regional Data Service/EARS webpage.

Product processing

AAPP as provided by the NWP-SAF and PPS as provided by NWC-SAF, configured and run by EUMETSAT.

Product segmentation

Segments each containing one minute of observations.

Duplicate segments removed before dissemination.

Products via EUMETCast Europe

Cloud products derived for each segment:

  • Cloud Type (including cloud phase flag and processing flag)
  • Cloud Top Temperature & height (height, pressure, temperature), including processing flag — both for opaque and for semi-transparent clouds.
  • Cloud Mask (aerosol flag only).

Geo-location information represented as tie-points contained in the products. All products on original instrument grid, netCDF4 format, bz2-compressed.

Timeliness via EUMETCast

30 minutes.

Products via RMDCN/GTS


Archived in EUMETSAT

All disseminated products.

Further information

For more information on EARS-NWC see TD 14 - EUMETSAT Advanced Retransmission Service Technical Description

Full details on products can be found in the Product Navigator:
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