3MI A Spot

EPS-SG 3MI L2 cloud test dataset released


3MI A Spot
3MI A Spot

A first version of the EPS-SG 3MI L2 cloud test dataset is now available to users.

Last Updated

12 December 2022

Published on

12 December 2022

The EPS-SG Multi-viewing Multi-channel Multi-polarisation Imager (3MI) is a passive optical radiometer dedicated primarily to aerosol characterisation for applications in climate monitoring, atmospheric chemistry, and Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP).

3MI L2 cloud test data

The EPS-SG 3MI L2 cloud product is generated from the calibrated and verified 3MI L1B Stokes vector.

The 3MI L2 cloud test data are available on our sftp site:


The content and format of these products is in line with the specifications in the following documents, released together with this package.

The Readme file gives more details on the data package.

These test data are only intended for format familiarisation and system testing.

For more information and feedback on the test data, contact our User Service Helpdesk.