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EUMETCast Basic Service channels reorganisation

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EUMETCast A Spot

The EUMETCast Europe Basic Service channels will be reorganised in the first quarter of 2022.

Last Updated

01 December 2021

Published on

04 November 2021

This reorganisation aims to achieve the following:

  • Optimise the bandwidth usage on EUMETCast Europe First Transponder (E10A-C4) by reducing the capacity allocated to the Basic Service.
  • Simplify the DVB receivers/card setup by reducing the number of PIDs used; PIDs 300 and 301 will be emptied and channels moved to PIDs 100 and 500.
  • Simplify the Tellicast Client setup by reducing the number of channels, removing unused channels, and merging some channels.
  • Reorganise the dataset allocation to the channels for better harmonization with other EUMETCast services (Africa and Terrestrial).

As part of the reorganisation, channels will be renamed in a more meaningful way, following a specific convention indicating the transponder, the EUMETCast service the channel is active on, and the datasets that the channel is carrying — e.g. E1B-GEO-1, where:

  • E1: EUMETCast Europe Transponder 1.
  • B: Basic Service.
  • GEO-1: EUMETSAT Geostationary mission data (e.g. MSG) channel 1.

Note: some channels already follow this naming convention and will, therefore, keep their current names.

The table below provides more details about the migration from old to new channels.

Change implementation phases

In order to allow users to change their setup and migrate from the old to the new channels as smoothly as possible, the change will be implemented in three phases:

Phase 1 (4 weeks starting from 1 February 2022)

The new channels will be added without moving any data flow from the old channels.

A dummy/test file will be disseminated on each of the new channels every 10 minutes, with the following file naming:
<New channel Name>_YYYYMMDDTHHMM00_DUMMY.FILE.CHA (~10 Bytes)
Example: E1B-GEO-1_20220201T120000_DUMMY.FILE.CHA

This will demonstrate that the channels are working and will give users the time to implement the changes needed to receive the new channels and test them.

Users will only be given access to those channels which disseminate the data to which they are subscribed.

In this phase, users will keep receiving the data on the old channels.

User-side configuration changes

  • Users need to make sure that PID 500 is enabled on their DVB receivers/cards, in case this PID is not already enabled.
  • Before the beginning of this phase, EUMETSAT will provide a script that users can download and run to implement the needed changes on the Tellicast configuration (cast-client-channels_bas.ini). The target directory that is already defined in the cast-client-channels_bas.ini will also be used by the new channels.
  • Users are requested to check the cast-client-channels_bas.ini script after executing it, and if the dummy files described above could be an issue for any processing tools running on their station, to change the target directory for the new channel to a different location.

Phase 2 (3 weeks starting from 1 March 2022)

All datasets will be moved to the new channels, except EARS and MSG mission data.

Note: The MSG 6-hourly products will be moved to the new channels.

Phase 3 (22 March 2022)

The remaining data (MSG and EARS) will be moved to the new channels and dissemination will stop on the old ones.

Note: Please be aware that for some of the old channels, the datasets are migrated to more than one new channel, e.g. data currently on EUMETSAT Data Channel 12 will be migrated to E1B-TPC-6, E1B-TPG-1 and E1B-TPL-1. Also, in some cases old channels are merged into one new channel, e.g. EUMETSAT Data Channel 3, EUMETSAT Data Channel 4 → E1B-GEO-4.

Basic Service old v new channels

Old channel New channel Old PID New PID New multicast address Max multicast data rate (kbps) Datasets
Alert-1 removed 300        
DWDSAT E1B-DWDSAT 500 500 3300 DWDSAT service
E1B-Charter-1 E1B-Charter-1 500 500 23362 Disaster Charter data
E1B-GEO-1 E1B-GEO-1 301 500 2000 IODC High Rate SEVIRI
E1B-GEO-2 E1B-GEO-2 301 500 1000 IODC Meteorological Products
E1B-SAF-1 E1B-SAF-1 500 500 2750 OSI SAF data
E1B-SAF-2 E1B-SAF-2 500 500 2000 LSA SAF data
E1B-SAF-3 E1B-SAF-3 500 500 1250 AC SAF data
E1B-SAF-4 E1B-SAF-4 500 500 150 CM SAF data
E1B-SAF-5 E1B-SAF-5 500 500 1500 H SAF data
E1B-SAF-6 E1B-SAF-6 500 500 150 ROM SAF data
E1B-TPC-6 E1B-TPC-6 301 100 500 Third Party data for Africa
E1B-TPG-1 E1B-TPG-1 500 500 8000 Third Party GEO Europe
E1B-TPL-1 E1B-TPL-1 500 500 12000 Third Party LEO Europe
E1B-TRN E1B-TRN 500 500 20 Training data
EPS-1 E1B-EPS-1 500 500 740 Metop Multi Sensor
EPS-10 E1B-EPS-10 500 500 13140 Metop AVHRR
EPS-11 E1B-EPS-11 500 500 13140 Metop IASI
EPS-12 removed 500        
EPS-13 E1B-EPS-N-13 500 500 18 NOAA AMSU-A
EPS-15 E1B-EPS-N-15 500 500 686 NOAA AVHRR
EPS-16 E1B-EPS-N-16 500 500 34 NOAA HIRS
EPS-17 E1B-EPS-N-17 500 500 49 NOAA MHS
EPS-18 removed 500        
EPS-19 removed 500        
EPS-2 E1B-EPS-2 500 500 24 Metop AMSU-A
EPS-3 E1B-EPS-3 500 500 1100 Metop ASCAT
EPS-5 E1B-EPS-5 500 500 13140 Metop GOME
EPS-6 E1B-EPS-6 500 500 5700 Metop GRAS
EPS-7 removed 500        
EPS-8 E1B-EPS-8 500 500 154 Metop MHS
EPS-9 removed 500        
EPS-Global E1B-EPS-N-14 300 500 60 EPS Global data (NOAA ATOV L2)
EUMETSAT Data Channel 1 E1B-RDS-1 500 500 11600 EARS service
EUMETSAT Data Channel 10 E1B-SRL 300 100 273 SARAL data
EUMETSAT Data Channel 12 E1B-TPC-6 301 100 500 AEMET and products from the Moroccan NMS
EUMETSAT Data Channel 12 E1B-TPG-1 500 500 8000 FY2
EUMETSAT Data Channel 12 E1B-TPL-1 500 500 12000 VIIRS Fire
EUMETSAT Data Channel 14 E1B-TPC-6 301 100 500 Multi-service for Africa
EUMETSAT Data Channel 15 E1B-MSG-PAR 500 500 2823 MSG commissioning
EUMETSAT Data Channel 2 E1B-GEO-3 300 500 2000 0° High Rate SEVIRI
EUMETSAT Data Channel 3 E1B-GEO-4 301 500 7100 0° Meteorological Products
EUMETSAT Data Channel 4 E1B-GEO-4 500 500 7100 0° High Volume Meteorological Products
EUMETSAT Data Channel 5 E1B-GEO-5 500 500 1619 RSS High Rate SEVIRI
EUMETSAT Data Channel 6 E1B-GEO-6 500 500 387 RSS Meteorological Products
EUMETSAT Data Channel 8 E1B-TPC-6 300 100 500 Ocean Modis
EUMETSAT Data Channel 9 E1B-DCP-1 301 100 46 DCP data
Info-Channel-1 E1B-Info-Channel-1 100 100 400 General info, updates
Info-Channel-2 E1B-Info-Channel-2 100 100 900 Daily logs, training, demonstration data
JAS-3 E1B-JAS-3 300 100 273 Jason-3 data
NPP-1 E1B-TPL-1 500 500 12000 NPP GDS VIIRS EDR
NPP-2 E1B-RDS-2 500 500 13675 JPSS regional data
TPC-1 E1B-TPC-1 301 100 228 FP-7 products
TPC-2 removed 301        
TPC-3 E1B-TPC-3 301 100 300 Copernicus Global Land
TPC-5 E1B-TPC-5 301 100 500 Copernicus Global Land
WMO-RA-I E1B-WMO-RA-I 301 500 1200 MDD RA-I data
WMO-RA-VI E1B-WMO-RA-VI 500 500 400 BMD RA-VI data
WWW-Channel WWW-Channel 100 100 400 WWW content
TSL Announcement Channel TSL Announcement Channel 100 100 400 Announcement channel



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