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Data Centre A Spot
Data Centre A Spot

The EUMETSAT Data Centre provides a long-term archive of data and generated products from EUMETSAT, which can be ordered online.

Last Updated

28 June 2021

Published on

06 May 2020

Overview of the Data Centre

The EUMETSAT Data Centre aims to:

  • Guarantee a long-term preservation of data and generated products from EUMETSAT’s meteorological satellites.
  • Enable users to browse, make automated orders, and retrieve data from EUMETSAT's catalogue of products.

Set up in 1995, the data centre has developed to become a state-of-the-art archive serving all EUMETSAT satellite programmes.

With around 300 meteorological satellite products available — in the case of Meteosat spanning a record of more than 30 years (since 1981) — the Data Centre offers one of Europe’s largest and most comprehensive collections in this field.

Currently around 5 PB of data volume are stored in the data centre and made available to the data centre users. The charts below show the development of archive retrieval and ingestion over time.

Retrieved v Delivered data
Figure 1: Data Centre Access — Yearly data volumes retrieved/delivered to satisfy user order
Ingested volume
Figure 2: Data Centre Ingestion — Yearly Archive volume growth stemming from the different EUMETSAT missions

Accessing meteorological data and products in the EUMETSAT Data Centre

All archived data can be accessed through the Data Centre Online Ordering Client, used for searching, selecting and ordering products. For related issues you may wish to consult the Ordering FAQ or the Ordering Client Known Issues section on the main Ordering Client page.

The EUMETSAT archive comprises the following collections of satellite product types from the various EUMETSAT-operated satellites, including:

  • Images and derived meteorological products from geostationary Meteosat satellites since 1981, which are positioned to provide images over Europe as well as the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.
  • Metop-A, Metop-B and Metop-C data, since 2007, including global and regional products of the various sensors, i.e. AMSU, ASCAT, AVHRR, GOME-2, GRAS, HIRS, IASI, MHS.
  • Jason-2 and Jason-3 data, since 2008, including various sea surface altimetry products.
  • Copernicus Sentinel-3 data and marine products.
  • Product entries or catalogue collections from the EUMETSAT network of Satellite Application Facilities (SAFs) since 2008, including climate, oceanographic and atmospheric products.
  • Data from international partners, including AVHRR data from NOAA, since 2006.

Information about data centre products can be found using the Product Navigator.The information presented for each product includes a Data Access link under the EUMETSAT Data Centre Distribution that conveniently pre-selects the chosen product in the Online Ordering Application, for ordering.

Important features of product access from the data centre

  • All EPS products in the data centre are orbit based in contrast to the 3 minute PDU based Near Real Time (NRT) products disseminated on EUMETCast.
  • Ordering and delivery of products is free of charge from the data centre.
  • The data centre is a nearline storage archive, so delivery times or estimated times of arrival (ETA) for the data orders can't be provided.
  • Most products can be spatially and spectrally subsetted in an order.
  • Depending on product type, the products can be ordered in a variety of delivery formats.
  • Users can choose from a variety of delivery methods for their order.
  • The volume of products orderable can be increased upon request, please contact our User Service Helpdesk.
  • Regular enhancements — such as the introduction of netCDF format as a new delivery format — are introduced to improve the services offered to the users.

Note: the Data Centre Products Order System is closely monitored. Users are expected to share the use of this system fairly amongst the user community. EUMETSAT reserves the right to disable a user’s account if we reasonably believe he/she continues to violate this expectation after repeated cautions.

Delivery methods

EUMETSAT Data Centre products, once they are ready to be delivered, can be accessed online (HTTP server) or physically sent to the user on the chosen media.


Once the order is completed, products can be downloaded from our internet server. Download instructions are sent via email to the user upon order completion. A dedicated tool is available to download finished orders from the HTTP server (see the Data Centre Download Tool)

On media

Once the order is completed, products are copied onto the selected media support and sent via courier to the user's physical address.

Media types currently provided
Media Type Capacity
DVDR Double Layer 8 GB
LTO Generation 4 800 GB
LTO Generation 5 1.5 TB

Help and support

Further help can be found on the the Ordering Client page. You can also contact our User Service Helpdesk for additional requests and support.

Further information on Data Centre orders and performance can be found in the Central Operations Reports.