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Immediate online data access

Data Store A Spot
Data Store A Spot

The pilot EUMETSAT Data Store provides access to all EUMETSAT data through an online web interface, and through a suite of APIs, incorporating data tailoring capability.

Last Updated

29 June 2021

Published on

01 September 2020

The EUMETSAT Data Store provides users with a single point of access to a growing catalogue of EUMETSATs meteorological, climate and ocean data. Eventually, it will offer the full data catalogue, including near-real time and historic data and climate data records.

Access to the store is through a web user interface (WebUI) or a series of application programming interfaces (APIs). Products identified in the store can be combined with the functionality provided by the Data Tailor API, allowing for product customisation. The Data Store allows users immediate access to the data, reducing delays. The Product Navigator will stay up to date with the latest data sets that are available for download.

Data Store schematic
Figure 1: EUMETSAT Data Store schematic

How to access the EUMETSAT Data Store

The new EUMETSAT Data Store can be accessed through the Earth Observation Portal or directly via To get the most out of the service, new users will require a user registration, and the EUMETSAT Data Policy applies. Existing users will be able to use their current Earth Observation Portal credentials to access the new data access services.

As well as the web interface (pictured at the top of the page), you can also access the EUMETSAT Data Store using four different APIs that support downloading, the ability to search products based on collections and filter based on date, your region of interest, timeliness, and coverage. There is a subscription API (be available in the near future) which will notify you of new product availability.

For more information on the EUMETSAT Data Store, see our Data Store knowledge base documentation. Training material, in the form of Jupyter Notebooks, is also available to help you learn about the EUMETSAT Data Store functionality.

What data is supported?

During this pilot phase, the EUMETSAT Data Store includes products from Metop and MSG and some downstream products from the Satellite Application Facilities (SAFs). The catalogue includes radiometry (AVHRR), interferometry (IASI global data and combined sounding products), and scatterometry products. Downstream products including level-2 AVHRR SST, and ASCAT winds produced by the Ocean and Sea Ice SAF are also provided in the pilot phase. Future releases will see more and more collections added to the EUMETSAT Data Store, including Copernicus data from Sentinel-3, further SAF products, and eventually the full EUMETSAT product catalogue.

What if my data isn't available via the EUMETSAT Data Store?

More data collections will be added to the EUMETSAT Data Store in future releases. In the meantime, you are still able to access data through the current suite of services we provide. You can provide feedback, or ask any questions you have about the product catalogue and our data access services as described below.

User support and providing your feedback

We welcome user feedback on all our pilot data access services including the EUMETSAT Data Store. If you would like to provide feedback please contact our User Service Helpdesk. To help users use the service, we have a created a knowledge base.


The pilot phase of the EUMETSAT Data Store (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Service’) is being carried out in order to 1) give users early access to the service prior to the start of an operational service 2) identify whether enhancements to the Service need to be considered prior to the operational phase 3) provide an indication of intended use/benefit to the user.

EUMETSAT shall bear no liability for any consequences, whether direct or indirect, arising from use of the Service. This includes but is not limited to adaptations carried out by the user to its own equipment or software based on the qualities of the Service. Any and all adaptations/configurations are done at the user’s own risk. It should also be noted that EUMETSAT, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any means of accessing or utilising the Service without providing prior notice. Any improper use of the service will lead to the immediate exclusion of a registered user from the pilot phase.