MTG Leuk ground station

Evolutions to EUMETCast services for the MTG era


Evolution of data access and dissemination with MTG

MTG Leuk ground station
MTG Leuk ground station

Evolution of data access and dissemination with Meteosat Third Generation.

Last Updated

19 December 2022

Published on

20 May 2020

In the MTG era, for fulfilment of official duties of NMHS for safety-critical nowcasting and high-impact forecasting, EUMETSAT continues to rely on the EUMETCast technology to support its 4000+ user base in the footprint of the EUMETCast Europe service. Additionally, the EUMETCast Terrestrial service which uses broadband terrestrial networks (GEANT/NREN) is also available. The EUMETCast Terrestrial service complements the EUMETCast Satellite service with its ability to support the end-users outside the footprint of the satellite service, and to handle some high-volume data and products which will only be available in the terrestrial service. The EUMETCast Terrestrial service is also a backup for the EUMETCast Satellite service, with similar timeliness and completeness specifications.

Multicast technology and dissemination logic of the EUMETCast service remain the same in the MTG era. EUMETCast users should be able to seamlessly transition to high rate acquisition of high volumes of MTG data and products, provided they upgrade their reception and processing systems to cope with the data rates available as of 2023, after launch and commissioning of the first MTG satellite (MTG-I1).

Data rate evolution

The MTG era will see satellite data rates growing at least tenfold compared to current MSG services — to be acquired, processed and distributed to users by the MTG system ground segment; on their part, users need to assess whether their data acquiring and processing systems are capable of accessing and handling MTG data, to ensure smooth access to the new data streams and continuity of data services.

Evolution of data rates from current MSG to the full MTG operations
Figure 1: Evolution of data rates from current MSG to the full MTG operations

On top of this step change induced by MTG, the 2020s will see the addition of data from other missions operated by EUMETSAT, such as the polar-orbiting EUMETSAT Polar System Second Generation (EPS-SG) and the Copernicus Sentinel missions operated by EUMETSAT on behalf of the European Commission. This leads to further increases in total data volumes and rates of EUMETSAT data services. Users of these services are advised to take these changes into account when designing their future data access and processing infrastructure.

EUMETCast Europe fraction of data rates
Figure 2: Evolution of MTG data rates and fraction of data rate used per MTG product class
EUMETCast data rate evolution
Figure 3: EUMETCast Europe data rate evolution. The full operational MTG capability is planned to be reached by 2026.

The multi-channel near real-time data distribution baseline using EUMETCast services is provided in the table below.

NRT baseline evolution EUMETCast services

Mission/Service Products Daily Data Rate Average in Mbps restor able non-restor able Terrestrial Date (indicative)
MTG-I1 FDSS images, products incl. SAFs 32.6 starting   starting Q4 2022
MTG-I1 FDSS 4 HR channels 22.3     starting Q4 2022
MTG-S1 L1 and L2 data 26.6 starting   starting Q4 2024
MTG-I2 RSS data, except HR channels 22.3 starting   starting Q1 2026
MTG-I2 RSS 4 HR channels 22.3   starting starting Q1 2026
Metop-SG A Global Data METImage, MWS, RO, IASI-NG L2 (L1 PCI TBC), MSP-02-AER 27.1 starting   starting Q1 2025
Metop-SG A Global Data Global data: IASI-NG L1, 3MI L1/L2 58     starting Q1 2025
Metop-SG A Regional Data METImage, MWS, RO, IASI-NG L1/L2 5.6 starting   starting Q1 2025
Metop-SG A Regional Data 3MI L1/L2 5.2     starting Q1 2025
Metop-SG SAF data 10.8 starting   starting Q1 2025
Metop-SG B Global and regional data: MWI, ICI, SCA, RO, MSP-02-LIW 13.2 starting   starting Q4 2025
Sentinel-4 L2 data 7.2   starting starting Q4 2023
Sentinel-4 L1 data 25.2     starting Q4 2023
Sentinel-5 L2 data 15.6   starting starting Q1 2025
Sentinel-5 L1 data 33     starting Q1 2025

User impact

The primary dissemination mechanisms for the MTG satellites data and products are the EUMETCast Satellite and EUMETCast Terrestrial systems.

Details on how to set up and use EUMETCast systems can be found on the EUMETCast page.

A list of manufacturers can be found on the Equipment manufacturers page.