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FCI Mission Advisory Group (FCI MAG) June 2022


FCI A Spot
FCI A Spot

Held: 27 and 29 June 2022

Last Updated

31 August 2023

Published on

20 October 2022

The FCI MAG#6 meeting was devoted to:

  • Communicating to the FCI MAG members the status of the MTG program.
  • Communicating to the FCI MAG members the status of the FCI space segment and ground performances.
  • Communicating to the FCI MAG members the status of the Request For Deviations and Spectral Response Functions.
  • Presenting the plan for the FCI commissioning.
  • Organising the MAG contribution for the FCI commissioning.

Objectives and outcomes

The main objectives of the meeting were to:

  • Update MAG members on the status of the Instrument and EUMETSAT’s plan for the commissioning
  • Discuss the commissioning readiness and MAG involvement during the commissioning

The major outcomes and recommendation were:

Increase the frequency of the MAG meetings towards and during commissioning.

  • A soon as early commissioning data become available it would be useful to have short monthly meetings in order to discuss and touch base on status, actions, achievements etc.
  • The MAG members share the idea of increasing the frequency of the MAG meetings during commissioning and also encourages the use of email/confluence exchange in between meetings such that potential open questions/analyses can be thought through and discussed before the meetings.

Look in detail at RGBs and tweak the recipes during the FCI commissioning.

  • Put together a dataset of real SEVIRI and FCI data for a set of scenes during commissioning for this purpose.

Pay extra attention to first true colour RGB.

  • Important image for press purposes. Appropriate corrections (Rayleigh and green band) are important.

Perform at least one full day each of rapid scanning experiments in June and October 2023 respectively.

  • Ideally with the possibility to define the day(s) of RSS experiments 5-7 days in advance to maximize chances of catching relevant case study scenarios.

Programme and reports

FCI MAG Meeting Agenda — 27 June 2022

Title Presenter/s
Opening and team news Alessandro Burini
MTG programme status Alexander Schmid
FCI space segment: status and latest news Donny Aminou/Micael Miranda
Status of RFDs Gary Fowler
Ground segment status Nana Bach/Fausto Roveda
Impact of SRF Errors in Brightness Temperature for IR Channels Christoph Straif
Update on ESL: impact on Convection NWCSAF products – Open Action from MAG-5 Jean-Marc Moisselin (NWC-SAF)
Impact of FCI SRF on RGB products. Sensitivity to cloud phase Alessio Bozzo
Benefit of FCI RSS for NWC Paolo Ruti

FCI MAG Meeting Agenda — 29 June 2022

Title Presenter/s
Commissioning Timeline – An Overview Alessandro Burini
Towards FCI Commissioning – Strategy for product quality assessment Alessandro Burini
Tools for product quality monitoring and instrument performance characterisation Alessandro Burini
The spectrally representative FCI L1c 24h Test Dataset Andrea Meraner
MAG members’ presentation (2-3 slides) on individual contribution to FCI commissioning (L1/L2)
Round Table discussion: Towards commissioning and role of the MAG
Review of Open Actions and Closure of the meeting All