Fires and smoke in Brazil

Fires and smoke in Brazil

02 August 2005 00:00 UTC

Fires and smoke in Brazil
Fires and smoke in Brazil

Fires and smoke in Brazil.

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21 October 2020

Published on

02 August 2005

by Jochen Kerkmann (EUMETSAT)

During August 2005 numerous fires were observed by the Meteosat-8 satellite over Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina. The image below shows the situation on 2 August 2005. During this day the area south of the Amazon river was generally cloud free providing good visibility of a large smoke plume that extended across the deep-green Amazon rain forest.

Close examination of the animated image sequence clearly indicates one of the sources of the smoke to be the edge of an already cleared area close to the Xingu river. Another smoke plume can be seen further south, between the Xingu and the Araguaia river. Along the bottom edge of the image the extent of the deforestation is shown by the brownish colour eating its way into the green forest area.


Meteosat-8 RGB Composite Image

Met-8, 02 August 2005, 16:15 UTC
RGB Composite NIR1.6, VIS0.8, VIS0.6
Full Resolution
Animation (12:00–16:15 UTC, AVI)