Flash flood in Thessaloniki

17 September 2013 13:12–21:42 UTC


On 17 September 2004, between 19:00 and 20:00 UTC, an episode of intense rain left 17 mm of water in Thessaloniki which caused flooding and the release of sewage waters (and rats) over the Bay of Thermaikos.

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01 August 2022

Published on

17 September 2013

By Paschalis Katsaras and Nikos Vogiatzis (Hellenic National Meteorological Service), José Prieto (EUMETSAT)

The system was driven by a low at 500hPa centred at midday over Sardinia, with outflow over Greece.

Download full resolution image 17 Sept, 19:12 UTC

The IR imagery animation shows the cloud tops, not reaching high in the troposphere, however, fed by intensive vertical instability. Highest cloud tops over Greece stayed above 220K (or -53°C).

Sicily suffered intense rain at the same time, due to the same synoptic system. It can be concluded that the persistence of rain on the same spot around the town was at the origin of the local disturbance.