Flooding in Tuscany

4 October 2013 04:00 to 6 October 00:00 UTC


Heavy convective precipitation led to severe flooding over parts of Tuscany.

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18 July 2022

Published on

04 October 2013

In the IR10.8 temperature from the Meteosat-10, calculated over 39 hours, the blue areas clearly show persistent cold cloudiness that extended northeast-ward starting from the coast near Elba. Cold cloud tops indicate high cloud tops which are usually associated with heavy rainfall.

It was reported that some areas had more than 194mm of rain; two people were still missing from Massa Marittima, after their car was caught in flood waters, and 23 people were evacuated in Braccagni. The flooding took place almost a year after  torrential rain caused serious flooding in the same areas, killing four people.

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