A storm cloud at sea

Geostationary Cloud products from MSG IODC available soon


A storm cloud at sea
A storm cloud at sea

Geostationary Cloud products from MSG IODC will be available on EUMETCast Terrestrial from 8 March 2022.

Last Updated

24 February 2022

Published on

24 February 2022

The products are:

These products are designed for nowcasting applications and are generated by EUMETSAT using the GEO Software package of the NWC SAF, currently version 2018p1.

They cover the full MSG IODC disc every Repeat Cycle (15 minutes) in native satellite resolution and are provided in netCDF-4 format.

A detailed description of the product characteristics can be found in the User Manual for the Cloud Product Processors of the NWC SAF GEO Software package: NWC-CDOP3-GEO-MF-CMS-SCI-UM-Cloud_v1.0 (nwcsaf.org)

Product naming convention:
S_NWC_[product_code]_MSG1_IODC-VISIR_20220218T131500Z.nc, with product_code being: CMA, CT, CTTH or CMIC.

Approximate file sizes per Repeat Cycle:

  • CMA: 8 MB
  • CT: 5 MB
  • CTTH: 28 MB
  • CMIC: 19 MB

The products will be distributed on EUMETCast Terrestrial, Channel T01-MET-I-2 (Multicast address:

Note: The products will initially be generated from Meteosat-8 and, later on, from Meteosat-9 as Meteosat-9 takes over the IODC service (see: Meteosat-9 to take over the IODC service).

Users wishing to receive these products should register for ‘All other Meteorological Products’ (under ‘IODC Meteosat Meteorological Products’) via the Earth Observation Portal.

For more information, contact our User Service Helpdesk.