Global Telecommunications Network A Spot

Global Telecommunication System (GTS)


Global Telecommunications Network A Spot
Global Telecommunications Network A Spot

The Global Telecommunications System (GTS) is used to receive, send and relay weather data and products.

Last Updated

31 May 2022

Published on

14 May 2020

It was established by the World Meteorological Organization and is used by national meteorological services (NMS) throughout the world.

WMO's Global Telecommunication System is the communications and data management component, that allows the World Weather Watch (WWW) to operate through the collection and distribution of information critical to its processes.

The system is implemented and operated by national meteorological services, of WMO members, and international organisations, such as ECMWF and EUMETSAT. This secured communication network enables real-time exchange of information, critical for forecasting and warnings of hydrometeorological hazards, in accordance with approved procedures.

EUMETSAT and its partners use the GTS to deliver the following services:

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