GOES-16/17/18 satellite

GOES-17 data available on EUMETCast


Photo credit: NOAA/Lockheed Martin

GOES-16/17/18 satellite
GOES-16/17/18 satellite

As GOES-17 went into operations as NOAA’s GOES-West satellite on 12 February 2019, GOES-17 data is available on EUMETCast from today (14 February 2019).

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12 July 2022

Published on

14 February 2019

The data are Level 1B data from the GOES-17 Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI).

The data are half-hourly data, from all 16 spectral channels of the Imager, at 2 km resolution. Data format is netCDF.

The data will be distributed on EUMETCast Europe, on the High Volume Service, Transponder 1 (HVS-1):
Channel: E1H-TPG-3
PID: 600
Multicast address:

Frequency: 16 files/30 minutes
Average file size: 18 MB

Example filenames


NOAA will operate GOES-17 and GOES-15 in tandem from their respective locations of 137.2 degrees west and 128 degrees west until early July 2019.

The GOES-15 netCDF data service introduced on EUMETCast Europe on 17 December 2018 is planned to last until the end of this tandem operations phase.

Users wishing to receive the new GOES-17 data on EUMETCast should contact our User Service Helpdesk.