GOES-16/17/18 satellite

GOES-East and GOES-West radiance products on EUMETCast soon


Photo credit: NOAA/Lockheed Martin

GOES-16/17/18 satellite
GOES-16/17/18 satellite

The Clear-Sky Radiance (CSR) and All-Sky Radiance (ASR) products from the ABI instrument onboard NOAA’s GOES-East and GOES-West satellites will be available on EUMETCast from 14 April 2021.

Last Updated

12 July 2022

Published on

31 March 2021

The CSR and ASR Level-2 products, in BUFR format, contain radiance data as well as metadata for use in operational data assimilation applications. The 2 km infrared pixels are subset into 15x15 pixel processing boxes and combined with ABI L2 cloud products to allow assessment of the quality of the L1b data to calculate an optimal radiance value as well as useful quality control metrics.

The CSR product is a subset of the ASR product and is further reduced in data volume by only reporting values in clear sky conditions. The ASR product expands on the fields present in the CSR product to include information about all pixels in the processing box as well as the subset of cloudy pixels.

Example filenames

GOES-East CSR: ABI-L2-CSRF-M6_v2r0_g16_s202102081710111_e202102081719419_c202102081731080.bufr
GOES-East ASR: ABI-L2-ASRF-M6_v2r0_g16_s202102081710111_e202102081719419_c202102081731080.bufr
GOES-West CSR: ABI-L2-CSRF-M6_v2r1_g17_s202102081720321_e202102081729387_c202102081741000.bufr
GOES-West ASR: ABI-L2-ASRF-M6_v2r1_g17_s202102081720321_e202102081729387_c202102081741000.bufr


The products will be distributed on EUMETCast, as follows:

Products EUMETCast Europe EUMETCast Terrestrial
GOES-East CSR and ASR Channel: E1H-TPG-1
Multicast address:
PID: 601
Channel: T01-TPG-2
Multicast address:
GOES-West CSR and ASR Channel: E1H-TPG-3
Multicast address:
PID: 600
Channel: T01-TPG-3
Multicast address:

Frequency: Each product is distributed every 10 minutes.

Users wishing to receive these products should subscribe to ‘ABI Level 2 Products’ (under ‘GOES-East’ and ‘GOES-West’ respectively) via our Earth Observation Portal (EOP).

For more information, contact our User Service Helpdesk.