GOME-2 A Spot



GOME-2 A Spot
GOME-2 A Spot

The Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment–2 (GOME-2) is used to get a detailed picture of the total atmospheric content of ozone and the vertical ozone profile in the atmosphere.

Last Updated

31 May 2022

Published on

06 May 2020

It also provides accurate information on the total column amount of nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, water vapour, oxygen/oxygen dimmer, bromine oxide and other trace gases, as well as aerosols.

What is GOME-2?

The GOME-2 is an optical spectrometer, fed by a scan mirror which enables across-track scanning in nadir, as well as sideways viewing for polar coverage and instrument characterisation measurements using the Moon.

Using GOME-2 data

In this video, Federico Fierli, EUMETSAT training officer and atmospheric composition expert, explains how to create your own NO2 maps using data from the GOME-2.

GOME-2 product releases

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