Record-breaking 2017 hurricane season

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January–December 2017

Record-breaking 2017 hurricane season
Record-breaking 2017 hurricane season

A look at our most popular case studies from 2017.

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27 January 2022

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09 January 2018

We've taken a look back at the case studies entries we've produced this year and, using our web and @eumetsat_users Twitter statistics, we've compiled a list of our top studies in 2017.

Our most popular entry was about the record-breaking hurricane season.

On our Twitterfeed our case Cold spell brings record low temperatures to Oman had the largest engagement rate.

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1: Record-breaking 2017 hurricane season

The summer of 2017 saw a number of strong hurricanes, up to Category 5 in strength, in the Atlantic, starting with Harvey in mid-August and ending with Maria in mid-September.

Read the hurricane case study



2: Winter storms bring heavy snowfall, floods and high winds to Europe

In early January 2017 two winter storms brought extreme weather to many parts of Europe.

Download Airmass animation , 04 January 00:00 UTC–09 January 08:00 UTC

Read the winter storms case study



3: Rainbow patterns over parts of Europe

A deformation zone over parts of Europe, in January 2017, appeared on Meteosat Airmass imagery as a rainbow pattern.

Download full resolution
Read the rainbow patterns case study



4: Devastating wildfires in Portugal

At least 62 people died and dozens more were injured when wildfires raged across the central region over the weekend of 17/18 June. Hot spots and smoke could be seen by Meteosat-10, Sentinel-3 and Suomi-NPP

Read the Portugal fires case study



5: UK's Great Storm of 1987 — 30 years on

The powerful storm which hit parts of the UK overnight 15/16 October 1987, became infamous in the country. Winds gusted up to 100 mph, causing major destruction, particularly across Southern England. Eighteen people were killed. At the time very few observations were received from satellites and knowledge on how to interpret the satellite data for forecasting was more limited.

Download animated gif of Met-2 MVIRI Water Vapour, 15 Oct 11:00 UTC–16 Oct 03:00 UTC
Read the case study on the storm



6: Monitoring tropical cyclones from space

This was an in-depth study, first written in 2012, looking at how you can see tropical cyclones forming and follow where they are moving using satellite imagery. It proved popular at the start of the North Atlantic hurricane season.

Read the case study



7: Massive iceberg breaks off from Antarctica

In early July 2017, a massive section of ice split off from Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf.

Download the animated gif of VIIRS IR imagery showing breakage and movement of iceberg 12-14 July

Read the iceberg case study



8: Severe flooding in Cornwall

The small village of Coverack in West Cornwall, England, was badly damaged by flooding after a storm brought torrential rain to the area on 18 July 2017.

Read the flooding case study



9: Severe snowstorms across parts of Europe seen by Meteosat-1

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the launch of Meteosat-1, we took a look at an infamous severe winter of 1978/9. During that winter parts of Europe were hit by severe snowstorms, causing major disruptions, which in some cases lasted for weeks.

Read the anniversary case study



10: Smoke plumes near Vesuvius

On 11 July 2017 both Meteosat-10 and Suomi-NPP saw impressive smoke displays from the wildfires on the flanks of Vesuvius in Italy.

Read the case study about the smoke plumes


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