Devastating wildfires near Athens

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January–December 2018

Devastating wildfires near Athens
Devastating wildfires near Athens

A look at our most popular case studies from 2018

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27 January 2022

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01 January 2019

We've taken a look back at the case studies entries we've produced this year and, using our web and @eumetsat_users Twitter statistics, we've compiled a list of our most popular studies in 2018.

Our case about the Devastating wildfires near Athens , gained the most visits and had the largest engagement rate on Twitter.

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1: Devastating wildfires near Athens

In late July 2018 wildfires ripped through coastal areas in Greece, causing thousands to flee and a number of fatalities.

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Devastating wildfires near Athens

2: Storm Friederike batters western parts of Europe

On 18 January 2018 an Atlantic depression crossed parts of Western Europe bringing very strong winds and heavy rain.

Meteosat-10 Airmass RGB imagery overlaid GFS data
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Storm Friederike batters western parts of Europe

3: Eruption of Fuego volcano

On 1 February 2018 there was short-lived but very powerful eruption from the volcano Fuego in Guatemala.

Download GOES-16 Ash RGB animation , 1 Feb 07:00 UTC–23:00 UTC
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Eruption of Fuego volcano

4: South African Algal Blooms

This case, published in January 2018, investigated the detection of harmful algal blooms in the southern Benguela, as seen by OLCI aboard Sentinel-3.

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South African Algal Blooms

5: Sunglint during March equinox

Satellite imagery during the spring equinox captured very obvious sunglint near the Equator.

Download Met-11 RGB animation , 20 March 03:00–06:00 UTC
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Sunglint during March equinox

6: Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence was the first major hurricane of the 2018 North Atlantic hurricane season and caused major devastation when it hit the US east coast in mid-September.

Download Meteosat-11 HRV animated gif , 11 September 20:30–22:30 UTC
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Hurricane Florence

7: Smoke from California wildfires

Smoke from devastating, widespread wildfires in California in November 2018, was seen by Sentinel-3.

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Smoke from California fires

8: August snowfall in the Alps

Fresh summer snow appeared over high Alpine areas on 27 August, after the end of a warm spell over much of Europe.

Read the snow case study

9: Solstice June 2018

On 21 June 2018 the solstice took place at 10.07 UTC, as seen by Meteosat-11 and GOES-16.

Read the case study on the solstice

10: First images from Sentinel-3B

In early May 2018 the first images from the new Sentinel-3B were released. This case takes a quick tour though some of the elements visible in the imagery.

Read the Sentinel-3B case study

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