InfraRed Sounder A Spot

IRS mission advisory group (IRS-MAG), November 2019


InfraRed Sounder A Spot
InfraRed Sounder A Spot

Held: 18-19 November 2019, EUMETSAT, Germany

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31 August 2023

Published on

19 November 2019

The Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) series of future European geostationary meteorological missions consists of two satellites: the imaging satellites (MTG-I) and the sounding satellites (MTG-S). The Infrared Sounder (IRS) is one of the two instruments hosted on board the MTG-S satellites.

The scope of the IRS mission is to provide the user community with information on time evolution of humidity and temperature distribution, as function of latitude, longitude and altitude. In this context, EUMETSAT has established the IRS mission advisory group (IRS-MAG) with the mandate of providing independent advice on the scientific concepts, cal/val approaches, and data usability of the IRS mission.

Objectives and outcomes

The proceedings and outcomes of the meeting can be found in the minutes of meeting.

Programme and reports

Monday 18 November

Title Presenter/s
Welcome and agenda Co-chairs
Introduction of new member Flavio Iturbide (NOAA)
Review of ongoing actions Co-chairs
ITSC feedbacks Dorothee/Thomas
Instrument update and performances (including the Non-Conformity performance + halo effect) Daniel Lamarre
First feedbacks on the IRS NC Bertrand Theodore
IF alignment monitoring Pierre Dussarrat
Feedbacks on the Wisconsin uniformisation (M5.A2) Pierre Dussarrat
MTG toolbox Peter Miu
Short introduction for the PC discussion Dorothee Coppens
Five wrong reasons not to use reconstructed radiances Tim Hultberg
Slot for discussion on PC All

Tuesday 19 November

Title Presenter/s
Proposal for the definition of 'scientific' and 'technical' test data Tony McNally
Requirements on test data for scientific and functional purposes (M7.A8) Christina Köpkens-Watts
Outcome of the MTG users workshop Stephan Bojinsky
Executive summary of progress from L2 assimilation study at ECMWF Tony McNally
Feedback of the L2 studies – interaction with the user community Thomas August
Summary on the leading entities of European regional NWP consortia, as well as NOAA, to know about their plans to assimilate L2 products Thomas August
Monitoring of NH3 with MTG IRS Pierre-François Coheur
Introduction to which levels to use L2 products Tony McNally
Discussion on the number of levels for the L2 products Tim Hultberg
GIIRS products quality assessment Pierre Dussarrat
Overview of progress with GIIRS at ECMWF Tony McNally
Discussion on the science plan: status, way forward All
Processing flags in the IRS L1 product Bertrand Theodore
Heterogeneity with imager mode Bertrand Theodore

Supporting documents

Answer to M7A6 (coheurcamypeyret)