Low clouds over Russia

Low clouds over Russia

20 January 2013 20:00 UTC

Low clouds over Russia
Low clouds over Russia

A strong anticyclone extended over northern parts of Russia and Europe, bringing cold and dry wintry weather.

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22 October 2020

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20 January 2013

The skies were mainly clear, but a wide area of low cloudiness extended over northwest Russia during the evening of 20 January. The thin low-level cloudiness was clearly visible in the 24-hour Microphysics RGB.

However, the performance of Night Microphysics RGB was not as good. Due to the specifics of channel 4, it is difficult to detect thin low-level clouds in cold wintertime conditions.


The colour-enhanced IR3.9 image is very useful to see the surface (skin) temperatures of the snow-covered ground in Russia.

Download full resolution 24-hour Microphysics RGB image
Download full resolution comparison image
Download full resolution infrared (IR3.9) image