First interferogram from Metop-C’s IASI instrument

Public release of Metop-C IASI Level 1 data

First interferogram from Metop-C’s IASI instrument
First interferogram from Metop-C’s IASI instrument

Metop-C IASI Level 1 data will be available on EUMETCast from 1 July.

Last Updated

23 September 2021

Published on

24 June 2019

The IASI Level 1 data from Metop-C have been successfully validated and have operational quality.

Product Validation Report

 Example of a product
Figure 1: Example of a product

The IASI Level 1C data, both the full spectral samples and the reduced spectral samples , as well as the Level 1 Principal Component Scores will be distributed on EUMETCast Europe:

  • On 1 July, they will be available on the High Volume Service Transponder 1 (HVS-1):
    • Channel: E1H-EPS-11
    • Multicast address:
    • PID: 600
  • From 2 July, they will be available on the Basic Service
    • Channel: EPS-11
    • Multicast address:
    • PID: 500

(please see: EUMETCast service swap for Metop-A and Metop-C global data)

They will also be distributed on EUMETCast Terrestrial:

Channel: T01-EPS-C-11
Multicast address:

Example filenames:


IASI Principal Component Scores:

Note: When the Metop-C satellite is declared ‘secondary operational’ on 3 July 2019 , ‘_C_’ in the filename will become ‘_O_’.

The new Noise Covariance Matrix (NCM) and IASI User Spectral Data Base (SDB) can be found here:

See: IASI_NCM_xx_M03_20190404000000Z_20190404000000Z_20190403092554Z_IAST_SPECTRESPO

A technical note (IA-TN-0000-3274-CNE_0200.pdf) and a tool to read the noise covariance matrix ( are also available.

See: IASI_SDB_xx_M03_20190404000000Z_20190404000000Z_20190403091458Z_IAST_IASISPECDB

A technical note (IA-TN-0000-3273-CNE_0100.pdf) is also available.

Users wishing to receive Metop-C IASI Level 1 data data should register via our Earth Observation Portal (EOP).

For more information, contact our User Service Helpdesk.