MSG Antenna, Fucino Italy

MSG ground segment

MSG Antenna, Fucino Italy
MSG Antenna, Fucino Italy

Primary Ground Stations (PGS) supporting the Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) satellites are at Fucino, Italy and Cheia, Romania.

Last Updated

23 April 2021

Published on

27 May 2020

This ground station are the main channel of communications between the Mission Control Centre (MCC) and the MSG satellites. The ground stations are unmanned and can be remotely monitored and controlled from the MCC in Darmstadt.

Fucino comprises of three antennas and Cheia two antennas each 13 m in diameter and receive the satellite downlink — raw image data stream, telemetry, and the Data Collection Services. Each antenna is capable of supporting all transmissions and data reception required for one spacecraft. Spacecraft telecommand is also uplinked.

The data plus full monitoring and control of the antennas and associated subsystems are transmitted over a 50 Mb link between the stations and the GEO Control Centre at EUMETSAT HQ.