UVN A Spot

Ultraviolet, Visible and Near-Infrared


Supporting chemistry applications

UVN A Spot
UVN A Spot

The Ultraviolet, Visible and Near-Infrared (UVN) instrument is a Copernicus Sentinel-4 instrument designed for geostationary chemistry applications.

Last Updated

13 June 2022

Published on

21 May 2020

Spectral range
Figure 1: Instrument domain characteristics

The UVN is a spectrometer measuring in the ultraviolet (UV: 305–400nm), the visible (VIS: 400–500nm) and the near infrared (NIR: 750–775nm), with a spatial sampling distance of around 8km.

Its observations are restricted to European area coverage, from 30 to 65º N in latitude and 30º W to 45º E in longitude, depending on seasonality (Figure 1). The observation repeat cycle period will be approximately one hour.