Sun shining through a dried leaf. Credit: pxhere



Sun shining through a dried leaf. Credit: pxhere
Sun shining through a dried leaf. Credit: pxhere

A new edition of CM SAF SEVIRI Radiation ICDR is now available on EUMETCast.

Last Updated

26 September 2023

Published on

17 May 2023

CM SAF has released a new edition of the Surface Solar Radiation Data Set — Heliosat (SARAH-3) and its corresponding interim climate data record (ICDR). A subset of the parameters, namely daily and monthly products of surface incoming shortwave radiation (SIS) and sunshine duration (SDU), are being provided via EUMETCast from 15 May 2023, in parallel to the parameters from the previous SARAH-2 based ICDR. The parallel dissemination will be stopped at the end of May, at which time the previous ICDR version will no longer be distributed.

The new product version includes important scientific improvements and small, but relevant, technical changes compared to the previous edition of the data record.

Product Temporal resolution Current version New version
SIS Daily mean, monthly mean CM-5210 CM-5211
SDU Daily sum, monthly sum CM-5280 CM-5281

Filenames (daily mean) (monthly mean) (daily sum) (monthly sum)

EUMETCast distribution

EUMETCast Europe

Channel: E1B-SAF-4
PID: 500
Multicast address:

EUMETCast Africa

Channel: A1C-SAF-4
PID: 100
Multicast address:

EUMETCast Terrestrial

Channel: T01-SAF
Multicast address:

More information on the data record and accompanying documentation is available from the DOI page: 10.5676/EUM_SAF_CM/SARAH/V003.

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