Data Services. Credit: gonin

New data access services now operational


Photo credit: gonin

Data Services. Credit: gonin
Data Services. Credit: gonin

After a successful pilot phase lasting more than one year, and the completion of operational readiness checks, the new EUMETView, Data Store and Data Tailor web services are now operational.

Last Updated

05 January 2023

Published on

26 October 2021

With the operational release of these online data access services, another key milestone in modernising our data access services has been reached. During the course of 2021, we have transitioned the following into operational services:

With the completion of the initial implementation phase, we are now turning our attention to the future evolution of these services:

  • Preparations are underway for the inclusion, in 2022, of new datasets into both the Data Store and EUMETView, for example, Sentinel-3 collections. We are also getting ready for new mission data, in particular data from the first MTG imaging satellite, which is expected to become available in 2023.
  • Early next year, we will phase out the old view service in favour of the new EUMETView service. For details, see our dedicated news item: New EUMETView replaces the old visualisation service.
  • We expect more data centre users to transition to using the Data Store over the next 12 months, as the historical collection of entries in the Data Store is extended. To assist users transitioning to these new services we offer monthly online sessions, which are advertised through the events section of our website and via our Training Calendar.
  • The next milestone in the evolution of the EUMETCast Europe service will commence in 2023, with the operational start of the restorable and non-restorable service.

For detailed information on all our data access services, visit our user support knowledge base.

A new version of the Operational Service Specification document has been published, which contains the performance expectations of these new data access services.

If you have any questions, contact our User Service Helpdesk.