New Data Tailor release supports Sentinel-3 customisations



The EUMETSAT Data Tailor makes it possible for users to subset and aggregate our data products, with the release of Data Tailor 3.2.0 it now supports the customisation of a number of Copernicus Sentinel-3 products.

Last Updated

11 May 2023

Published on

11 May 2023

Users can use the Data Tailor Web Service, as well as the Data Tailor standalone software on local machines, to customise Sentinel-3 products to your specific needs. This can be done via the provided Rest APIs, a graphical user interface, or with the EUMETSAT Data Access Client, which provides a Python library and a command-line interface. This allows users, depending on needs, to create automated workflows, based on the Data Tailor, to process Sentinel-3 products, or just use the GUI to customise single products.

Currently the following Sentinel-3 collections are supported:

How to process Sentinel-3 products with EUMETSATs Data Tailor

The Data Tailor software is a data customisation toolbox. It is available in two configurations, a standalone version for local installation and a web service for interfacing with the EUMETSAT Data Store.

If users want to process data in a programmatic way using the web service, we recommend using the EUMETSAT Data Access Client (EUMDAC). The client is already available in the EUMETLab public repository, on PyPI and Conda. Information on installation, usage and training material, including updated Jupyter Notebooks, can be found in the EUMDAC knowledge base.

Alternatively, the standalone Data Tailor offers a web user interface (WebUI), command line interface, and a python application programming interface (API), allowing users to incorporate its capability into their own processing systems. Information on installation can be found in the Data Tailor knowledge base.

Data Tailor 3.2.0 changelog

This new release of the Data Tailor brings the following:


  • Added proper filename and extension to HRIT compressed output files
  • Added support to select input files from multiple directories from the GUI (desktop only)
  • Added support for configuration memory limit parameter for aggregation
  • Added support for Sentinel-3 products


  • Reduced DTWS image vulnerabilities and image size
  • Improved the way to collect bands filter information to be passed to plugins


  • Fixed invalid plugin configuration for IASSND02
  • Corrected "wmo_filename" name for EO:EUM:DAT:MSG:CLM products using netcdf4_satellite output
  • ASCAT Level 1 customisations to HDF5 and NetCDF don't failing anymore
  • Errors when processing Moisture products (ASCSMR02, ASCSMO02) from before 2010 are fixed

Full information on this release can be found on the knowledge base.

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