MTG in Orbit

New FCI L1c 24h spectrally representative test dataset


MTG in Orbit
MTG in Orbit

A new MTG FCI L1c 24-hour spectrally representative test dataset has been released to users.

Last Updated

08 September 2022

Published on

19 May 2022

MTGTD-360 is an evolution to the previously delivered MTGTD-298 FCI 1C 26-Hour test data package that was released to users in October 2021.

While both datasets have the same format specification baseline, the content is radically different. The radiances contained in the previous package were a plain copy of the SEVIRI channels, while this dataset contains simulated channels that are spectrally representative of the actual MTG FCI output, using the latest FCI spectral response functions.

The package contains compressed and uncompressed versions of the data. The compressed data has been generated using external HDF filters based on the CharLS compression (see the MTG FCI L1 Product User Guide [FCIL1PUG] for further information).

Dataset description

This test data contains 24 hours of FCI Level 1C FDHSI datasets to be used for product familiarisation. The format of the test data is described in the MTG FCI L1 Product User Guide [FCIL1PUG].

Package usage

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