Lightning Imager A Spot

New LI test data released for user familiarisation


Lightning Imager A Spot
Lightning Imager A Spot

A new set of simulated Level 2 datasets for the Lightning Imager (LI) on MTG-I was released on 3 September 2021, for user familiarisation.

Last Updated

22 September 2021

Published on

06 September 2021

Dataset description

The simulated test datasets were produced with the EUMETSAT LI reference processor, with high scientific and format representativity. Several issues in an earlier 2020 release of LI L2 test data are fixed. Three sequences of 30 seconds length each were simulated based on GLD360 and SEVIRI data from 20 June 2013, starting at 201306200700, 1500, and 1700, respectively. The package is intended to facilitate user familiarity with the LI L2 products.

The datasets were produced according to the LI Level 2 format specification, consisting of the following files in netCDF format:

Initial products

  • LGR: containing the properties of the groups within a window of 10 seconds; in detail, group detection time, average group latitude and longitude, total radiance of the group, number of events per group, groups ID, and ID of the flash to which each group belongs, group quality indicator (confidence in the file). Three group products are produced by each simulation.
  • LFL: containing the properties of the flashes within a window of time of 10 seconds; in detail, flash start time, average flash latitude and longitude, total radiance of the flash, flash ID, number of groups per flash, number of events per flash, flash duration, flash footprint, flash quality indicator (confidence in the file). Three flash products are produced by each simulation.

Accumulated products

Containing the accumulated information over 30 second re-gridded on the FCI 2km IR grid for Accumulated Flash (AF), Accumulated Flash Area (AFA), and Accumulated Flash Radiance (AFR); in detail:
a) the AF product contains the accumulated events normalised by the total number of events in the flash itself computed for all the flashes,
b) the AFA product contains the accumulated footprint of all the flashes,
c) finally, the AFR product contains the accumulated irradiance for all the flashes.

The three products are not provided as images, but as a list of x and y locations on the FCI 2km grid which are an integer representation of the azimuth and zenith angles of the FCI 2km grid. Also for these products, the average flash quality indicator is provided.

Package usage

SFTP access:

The MTG LI Level 2 datasets are delivered as a compressed tar file.

A checksum file (sha256sum.txt) is included.


A package description is provided via the above SFTP server.

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