MSG Satellite in orbit

New Meteosat Meteorological Product Extraction Facility (MPEF) Release

MSG Satellite in orbit
MSG Satellite in orbit

The new MSG Meteosat Meteorological Product Extraction Facility (MPEF) release 2.8 will be deployed on 7 and 8 August.

Last Updated

21 September 2020

Published on

01 August 2019

The changes in Release 2.8:

  • An improved FIR algorithm and a new format of the FIR GRIB products. The format of the FIR CAP (Common Alert Protocol) products will not change.
  • Preparations for the new AMV BUFR sequence 03-10-077. This sequence will replace the current sequence in the first half of 2020.
  • Preparations for the possible use of GSICS calibration for product generation, as an alternative to the current black-body calibration.
  • Several bug fixes and other small changes that will improve the stability and performance of the processing system.

The deployment schedule is as follows:

  • 7 August for the Meteosat-8 (IODC) and Meteosat-10 (RSS) products.
  • 8 August for the Meteosat-11 (Prime Mission) products.

The deployment period on these two days is between 8:00 and 15:00 UTC. There will be an interruption in the product generation of one hour, followed by a two hour high risk period.

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