Data Services. Credit: gonin

New pilot data services released


Data Services. Credit: gonin
Data Services. Credit: gonin

New pilot view, data download and tailoring services released for user feedback (28 September 2020).

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23 February 2023

Published on

28 September 2020

These two new services, the next generation of EUMETView and the EUMETSAT Data Store, are part of an ongoing evolution of EUMETSAT's data services, which sees a diversification of data access approaches, and provides users with access to near real-time data through web user interfaces (WebUI) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These pilot services complement the existing EUMETCast (near real-time) and EUMETSAT Data Centre (historical data) data access services.

We envisage that these services become part of the operational data access portfolio in 2021.

New pilot EUMETView

The new EUMETView service provides new capability for displaying visualisations and creating maps from across the EUMETSAT product range, adding Web Coverage (WCS) and Web Feature (WFS) services to the Web Mapping Service (WMS).

EUMETView is an Online Map Service (OMS) that provides these visualisations through a customisable web user interface (WebUI) and an enhanced set of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standard APIs. The WebUI allows you to personalise your data viewing and to save your settings for future use. Users can view data as either point-based information or as a time series. Maps, and their corresponding georeferenced products, can be animated and downloaded. These may be saved in either 'Event mode', tying the view to a specific point in time for later recall, or 'Live mode', where the latest updated version of the map will be recalled when requested. The APIs allow users to bypass the WebUI and interact with the EUMETView catalogue in a programmatic context. For further information, see the pilot EUMETView page.

New EUMETSAT Data Store

The Data Store provides users with a single point of access to a growing catalogue of EUMETSAT's meteorological, climate and ocean data. Eventually, it will offer the full data catalogue, including near-real time and historic data, and climate data records.

Access to the store is possible through a WebUI and via a series of APIs that facilitate searching, downloading and subscription services. Products identified in the store can be combined with the functionality provided by the Data Tailor API, allowing for online customisation prior to downloading. For further information, see the Data Store page.

Pilot Data Tailor software

The Data Tailor standalone software, which offers a uniform way to transform both the historical and near real-time satellite data provided by EUMETSAT, was released in January 2020. Now it is available as a webservice in combination with the Data Store. For further information and to access the tool, see the Data Tailor page.

Getting started

To support users we have created a knowledge base, which provides detailed information and step-by-step guidance on how to use the web interface and APIs.

For a short introduction to data tailor and EUMETView, watch the 'How to' videos below.

To get the best out of the new data access services we recommend our new users first create an account with the Earth Observation Portal (EOP) service. For our existing EO Portal account holders, we recommend you first log in to the EO Portal (you will see we have made some changes to our licensing process), from there follow the links to our new data services.

Users are encouraged to explore these new pilot services and provide feedback, which will help shape the services in the future. Please provide your feedback to our User Service Helpdesk.