InfraRed Sounder A Spot

New release of IRS test data


InfraRed Sounder A Spot
InfraRed Sounder A Spot

A new MTG-S IRS L1B full disc test dataset has been released to users.

Last Updated

15 November 2022

Published on

15 November 2022

It replaces an earlier release of this test dataset (MTGTD-406, July 2022), with a fixed anomaly related to radiance scale factors and units.

Dataset description

The dataset consists of a simulated full disc of IRS dwells for all four Local Area Coverage (LAC) zones, containing Level 1B spectra in native and principal component form, provided in netCDF format in line with the current IRS Level 0 and 1 format specification.

It is intended for format familiarisation and system testing.

Package usage

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Test data package description

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