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New Sentinel-3 SLSTR processing baseline released soon


SST example
SST example

A new processing baseline (PB), i2r71-MARINE, for the Sentinel-3 SLSTR SST products, is planned to be released on 14 December 2020.

Last Updated

23 September 2021

Published on

27 November 2020

The update includes a new version of the SLSTR SST instrument Processing Facility (IPF), v06.19, which contains a correction to the calculation of the aerosol dynamic indicator (ADI) field used in the calculation of the SL_2_WST quality level field. The update does not affect the overall quality of the data but results in more data having a quality level of 5, therefore, increasing the amount of good quality data available for users.

The update also includes a new SLSTR-A Sensor Specific Error Statistics (SSES) Auxiliary Data File (ADF) to compensate for the Cold Finger Temperature increase carried out on SLSTR-A on 14 October 2020. The SSES may be further refined over time as additional knowledge of the new configuration is gained. No changes have been made to the SLSTR-B SSES file.

The baseline collection of the SLSTR L2 SST products remains the same (003). Sea surface temperature users should only use quality level 5 data for the best quality sea surface temperature observations. They should ensure they always apply the SSES to minimise the impact of the change (more information can be found in the SLSTR L2 Product Notices, listed on the Sea Surface Temperature Services page.


Daily averaged SST from both SLSTR-A and SLSTR-B for 24 November 2020
Figure 1: Daily averaged SST from both SLSTR-A and SLSTR-B for 24 November 2020

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